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Protect Your Mining & Aggregate Equipment from Production Halting Tramp Metal

June 23, 2021

Tramp Metal can take a smooth-running mining or aggregates process and stop it on a dime. These metals can damage large expensive equipment such as cone crushers and impact crushers causing long downtime in your production. William Neundorfer & Co. […]

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4 Vibratory Screen Applications that Improve Bulk Material Processing

May 3, 2021

Vibratory screens improve bulk material processing in industrial applications by improving the efficiency of the downstream process equipment. They do this by screening out unwanted material from the process and allowing only the desired, on spec material to continue.  When […]

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Non-Contact Level Radar: Precise Measurement of Liquified Materials

March 25, 2021

Non-Contact level radars provide continuous measurement of liquid material in large vessels used for storage and processing.  This includes a wide variety of different liquid materials including: Molasses, Fructose, Fat and Oil, Diesel Fuel, Pigments and Binders, Plasticizers, and many […]

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A Space Saving Skip Hoist for All-Purpose Material Handling

February 24, 2021

Skip hoists are used for lifting bulk materials in industrial applications. They are used to move all types of materials from grains to aggregates. They are also used to charge mixers, load concrete, and even lift barrels. For our clients […]

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Manhole Restoration: Choose the Right Lining for Your Environment

January 21, 2021

When restoring manholes or other municipal wastewater environments choosing the correct protective lining can be daunting. With multiple linings available for multiple types of environments, understanding which lining should be used is key. Through William Neundorfer & Company (WNC) partnership […]

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Hammer Mills Reduce Medical Waste Size & Hauling Costs

December 29, 2020

For medical waste processors and haulers maximizing load volume is critical to maintaining profitability. Each load that runs with packets of empty space in it is additional room for material not being used. This means more loads are run than […]

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Belt Scales Accurately Measure Material Flowrates And Weight

November 23, 2020

Controlling the amount and rate of bulk material as it moves along and exits a belt conveyor is crucial in maintaining optimal productivity. Without a way to accurately measure the feed rate and the amount of material flowing into your […]

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Don’t Let the Cold Weather Freeze Your Power Plant’s Productivity

October 21, 2020

Coal Bunker Flow Problems As the weather begins to change from the cool temperatures of fall to the freezing temperatures of winter so too changes the challenges of keeping coal bunkers flowing. It is around this time of year that […]

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Know What’s Happening In Your Silos & Bins This Harvest Season

September 24, 2020

Understanding how much material you have in your storage vessels is key in keeping your operations up and running smoothly. Overfilling vessels causes loss of product and increases costs with production delays. Underfilling leaves valuable storage space unused, increasing the […]

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Binmaster Distributer Powers up Poultry Mill

June 10, 2020

This Midwest-based poultry mill stores numerous grains, additives, and supplements both in liquid and solid form.  Bins containing materials such as liquified fat and lime that piles unevenly are some of the more challenging bins to measure.  The site has […]

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