Belt Scales, Sampling Systems, Weigh Belt Feeders, Level Controls and Belt Switches

Bulk Pro has a comprehensive product line for bulk material handling including: belt scales, sampling systems, weigh belt feeders, tramp metal detection, level controls and belt switches (pull cord, misalignment, rip/damage detection, speed, etc.).

Main Industries Served: chemical, petrochemical, mining, aggregate, steel, glass, power utility and food.

Territory: Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York, Northern Kentucky.


Switches include: speed, position, misalignment units (left) safety pull cord (center), damage/rip detection (right). The magnetically coupled speed switch requires no tapping/drilling to install. A powerful magnet holds the unit securely in place. Simply attach it to the end of the shaft & wire it up.

Belt Scales

Belt scales range from a basic scale (+/- 1% accuracy) to a precision unit with an accuracy of +/- 0.25%. Each model features a sophisticated microprocessor control unit that is easy to set up. In addition to providing new scale systems, we retrofit older scales with state-of-the-art controls.

Additional Capabilities

Sampling systems, weigh belt feeders, tramp metal detectors, and level indicators are also available. The level indicator line includes the unique Insert-A-Cell strain gage system. This continuous level measurement system is easy to install and features improved accuracy over many existing inventory measurement systems.

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