Sauereisen Coatings and Polymer Concretes

Sauereisen LogoSauereisen, founded in 1899, manufactures a complete line of materials to protect concrete/masonry & steel substrates from chemical and high temperature/chemical attack.  These materials range from thin film coatings to linings & castables and mortars for brickwork.

Sauereisen products are designed for a wide range of chemical environments (both acidic & caustic) and for temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F.

Tank Linings & Secondary Containment

Sauereisen systems for Tank Linings and Secondary containment include: epoxies, vinyl esters, urethanes, furan resin mortars and asphalt modified urethane membranes.

Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Applications

Sauereisen has the most complete line of materials formulated for both collection and treatment structures associated with the municipal wastewater industry.  Applications range from concrete repair to prevention of inflow & infiltration (I & I) and protection against hydrogen sulfide attack (MIC – microbiological induced corrosion).

Power Utility/Flue Gas Processing Applications

Both concrete and steel are protected by Sauereisen’s complete range of products for the coal fired power industry, from scrubber linings to stack linings & repair to demineralizer area chemical containment.

Polymer Concretes

Sauereisen’s line of polymer concretes can be divided into two areas: (1) High Temperature Inorganic – chemical resistance and temperature resistance of up to 2,100 degrees F.  (2) High Strength Organic – epoxy and vinyl ester based systems that exhibit exceptional strengths (compressive to 15,000 psi) as well as abrasion/wear/impact resistance, a high degree of chemical resistance and temperature resistance of up to 350 degrees F.

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Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Power utility
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel and metals processing.

Areas Served

OH KY Territory 1a

Ohio and Northern Kentucky


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