Reliable Level & Inventory Measurement from BinMaster

binmaster-logo BinMaster manufactures a complete line of instrumentation for level detection, particulate monitoring & flow detection.  Level sensors, available for both liquids & solids, cover both point level & inventory measurement applications.

Point Level Indicators for Solids & Liquids

Point level indication offerings include rotary paddles, diaphragm, capacitance, tilt switch & vibrating rods. Multiple configurations for each of these technologies allow for the ability to provide reliable indication for an array of solids and liquids.

Silo & Tank Inventory Measurement Systems for Solids & Liquids

Inventory measurement instruments for solids feature electromechanical, acoustic, ultrasonic, radar & guided wave radar technologies.  Liquids measurements include ultrasonic, electromechanical, float, magnetostrictive, and pressure units.

Flow Detection, Particulate Monitors & Baghouse Broken Bag Sensors

Many industrial processes rely on uninterrupted flow of dry bulk solids materials.  The BinMASTER Flow Detect instrument, based on Doppler technology, can detect flow or no flow in both gravity and pneumatic conveying situations.  BinMaster offers two distinct technologies aimed at the detection of emissions from baghouses, cartridge filters, cyclones and bin vents: Particulate Monitors and Broken Bag Sensors.

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Best Applications:

  • Chemical
  • Coal fired power utility
  • Cement
  • Petrochemical
  • Wastewater
  • Mining
  • Agricultural (grain terminals and feed mills)
  • Food and pharmaceutical

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BinMaster 3DLevelScanner

Accurate Volume Measurement, Tracking and Monitoring

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