Ash & Dust Conditioning and Refractory Mixing & Handling

A division of Mixer Systems Inc, dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial equipment for the management and disposal of dust and waste material.

Main Industries Served: coal fired power, utility, foundry, recycling, aggregates, refractory, manufacturing and installation.

Territory: Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York, Northern Kentucky.

Dust Conditioning Systems

Continuous batch systems and pug mills render the following materials environmentally safe to handle:

  • Ash (Fly, Powder River Basin, Bottom, FBC & Economizer)
  • Foundry Dust (Cupola & Baghouse)
  • CKD & Alkaline Bypass Dust
  • Iron Oxides – Heavy Metals
  • Wastewater Sludge & Dry Solids
  • Municipal Incinerator Waste
  • Liquid Waste Stream Conditioning (for land-filling use)
  • Nuclear Sludge

Refractory Mixers

A complete line of refractory mixers is available, including planetary, turbin pan, twin shaft & paddle designs.  Turbin & paddle units have a capacity range of 3 to 54 cubic feet.  Capacities for the twin shaft & planetary units extend out to 6 cubic yards.

Skip Hoists

DustMASTER skip hoists feature a compact, space-saving design.  Capacities range from 10 to 100 cubic feet.

Stokar Furnace Chargers

DustMASTER Stokar machines are the industry standard for stoking & skimming.  Built on a reputation for a long service life, DustMASTER stokars are continuously updated with the latest drive & operating technologies.  Existing machine upgrades are also available.

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